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Ktm Corporate Theme

Frameworks have become all the rage in the development community. There’s Rails for Ruby, Blueprint for CSS, and now Thesis for WordPress. Thesis provides a wonderful base on which you can build your WordPress site. It was built with SEO in mind, and comes with extensive design options for handling the majority of theme modifications. […]

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Web Designer vs Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer and Website Designer have always been under misconception by non – design people who are looking for design services and one window solution. On several occasions it has been found that graphic and web designers have the same approach and mindset as that of print media designing, even when they are designing for […]

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Did you know?

Every color used on a website is chosen because of its universal “language”. Each color evokes a particular emotion.For example, Blue is considered to be professional and calming, while shades of yellow are considered happy and purple is seen as sophisticated.What’s interesting is that most colors evoke the same meaning all over the world! No […]

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