Malaysian Airlines MH370 vanished on the 8th March 2014 and on 24th March 2014, After 18 days of search where all the super powers of the world came together it seemed that the nature defeated technology and they had to surrender and call off the search saying that the plane crashed in the southern Indian Ocean and it is next to impossible to reach there by air. They might find the debris with the help of some submersible drones but as of now its all a suspense. You will be amazed to know that this is not the the first time an Airplane has vanished. We bring you some more such planes that were never found.

  • Lockheed Model 10 Electra

LOCKHEED-10-ELECTRA In the year 1937 during an attempt to become the first female pilot to fly around the globe, Amelia Earhart along with Fred Noonan took off from Lae and their intended destination was Howland Island but somewhere above the Pacific Ocean she sent a distress call mentioning that she cant seem to find the air-strip and she is low on fuel. This was her last message and neither she nor her plane has been found till date.

  • Boeing 727-223, tail number N844AA

Boeing 727-223 vanished On May 25th 2003, this plane started taxiing towards the runway with no communication between the Pilot and the tower. With its lights off and its transponder not transmitting, it headed towards the runway and took off to the southwest, and headed out over the Atlantic Ocean. The 727 and the two men who were suspected to have stolen the aircraft have not been seen since.

  • Flying Tiger Line Flight 739

Flying-Tiger-Line-Flight-739-1962 On March 15th 1962 Flying Tiger Line L1049H Super Constellation, which was a chartered plane usually hired by the military was to fly from Agana Naval Air Station in Guam to Clark Air Force Base in the Philippines. It took off from Gaum and as a routine, after 80 minutes of flying over the Pacific the pilot sent a radio message to ground control mentioning everything was going smooth. That message turned out to be the last message from the plane and even after an extensive search the plane or the 92 American soldiers aboard were never found.

  • Avro Tudor’s The Star Tiger


On Jan 30th 1948 the plane took off from Santa Maria and was supposed to reach Bermuda flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Soon after take-off The Star Tiger was lashed by heavy rain and strong winds and although it was in contact with the another plane that was in close vicinity they didn’t realize that they had drifted off-track and at 03:50 when the Bermuda Base tried to make contact with the plane they got no response. They could never find this plane.

  • Avro Tudor’s The Star Ariel


On January 17th 1949 in excellent weather conditions The Star Ariel’s took off on a flight between Bermuda and Kingston, Jamaica. The last radio transmission from the flight reported good visibility and smooth flying, but the plane was never heard from or seen again. Interestingly the entire fleet of Tudor IV’s was retired after both the Star Tiger and Star Ariel were lost within the span of 12 months. And these two disappearances have always been remembered whenever the Bermuda Triangle Mystery is discussed.

  • 5 TBM Avenger torpedo bombers of Flight 19

5 TBM Avenger torpedo bombers of Flight 19

On Dec 5th 1945 the team of 5 pilots and 14 airmen took off with their planes for a routine training mission in the Bermuda Triangle and never returned. Till date no one could find the planes or the men aboard. One theory suggests that they flew in a wrong direction due to some navigational errors and ran out of fuel which made them crash in the Pacific. The other one was a the more interesting one where they say that there is something in the Bermuda Triangle that took the planes. Well the fact is that the planes and the pilots were never found and that is what the focus should be.