Hi, Travelers. I understand the struggle for search of budget flights around the world. As a travel addict myself, i understand that you would like to save as much as possible on your flights. After a good struggle i have come upon few tricks and tips to secure flexible, cheaper and reasonable price. This doesn’t mean you will get 50% discount for regular fares but with my tips below you can definitely get some savings from the regular air fare.

There are mainly two kinds of Commercial airliners:
Premium Airlines: One that flies in style, class and luxury.
Budget Airlines: Another is for budget travelers. Even the premium airlines has budget class seatings in coach but they are still expensive compared to Budget airlines.

You can easily find which airlines are budget and which are premium, This are based on countries as well, every country have their own budget airlines so you got to search by country first for example if you are flying from Singapore to anywhere else :

How to get cheap flight tickets

Now you have the list like Jetstar, Tiger, Scoot, etc this are budget airlines now directly to go their website and start your search destination, Please remember Budget flights cannot fly for very longer distance, budget airlines maximum distance in hours will be about 6~8hrs any distance range between this. The shorter the flying destination, more chance you get to travel on budget airlines.

Because they cutoff many areas of support like:

1. They don’t have call centers overseas like many Premium airlines do.
2. They don’t have 24hr customer call support even on their Base Country (Original Location of airlines).
3. Their fares are cheap but they charge you additional for Payment transactions like Credit card fees, Direct Debit Fees. They don’t absorb all this.
4. Their fares don’t include baggage, you’ll have to pay extra for it. If you are a light traveler its good for you!
5. Tickets are never refundable no matter what! Unless life death emergency i guess.
6. They try to do everything automatic, like print your own boarding pass at home, go to airport put your own security tags, scan tickets yourself, and just go and board the flight this way airliners don’t have to hire many personnel to work on the counters like Premium airlines have their own dedicated counter they help you on each step.

Flight booking have a pattern of booking system, The system is programmed in such a way that it will check few things like :

1. Seat availability Rate, the more less seats the more expensive the fare becomes.
2. Cookies and Cache based Search, where System will continuously check many of users are searching for the same route and it tends to increase the price for short amount of time so that when you book it you pay higher, trust me this is how it works.
3. Cookies History, lets say you have been searching for a flight since a week now, suddenly the next day you will see a rise on the fare its only on your screen, if you use another machine to check same route from different location the price actually hasn’t been changed, Yup its true. If you dont believe me right now one day you will realize it yourself.

1. Use private browsers

How to get cheap flight tickets yes

2. Search from your Base  Location to your Destination location by Full Country Name like this below. Eg. If you are flying from Australia to USA, and if you are flexible to go whereever in USA first to save cost then you can search by country to country first and check their prices where they are flying for cheap then you can decide or plan your itinerary based on cheapest fare.

How to get cheap flight tickets yes 2
How to get cheap flight tickets1

3. Search for flights for whole month first don’t search for specific date yet. Don’t fix the dates already take a while to browse through this sites first.

How to get cheap flight tickets yes 2
How to get cheap flight tickets yes 2 How to get cheap flight tickets yes 1

4. Some websites give you promo Codes, find the cheapest offering fare using this website Skyscanner.com. I am not paid to sponsor this website, i just love using it. Just do your intensive research on Skyscanner learn about the best price you can grab; then start looking for promo codes so that you can use it while paying.