Every color used on a website is chosen because of its universal “language”.
Each color evokes a particular emotion.For example, Blue is considered to be professional and calming, while shades of yellow are considered happy and purple is seen as sophisticated.What’s interesting is that most colors evoke the same meaning all over the world! No wonder why our works are much appreciated as our works are based on this concept.

The design of the page controls the way your eyes move and your mouse clicks on the page.
When you visit a well-designed website, your actions are no accident. Good designers are experts at how consumers’ eyes move around the page and what words make them click on the next link. Tricks like using the term “learn more” instead of “call now” can increase a company’s website sales tremendously!

Websites are written in an entirely different language to what we see.
They are actually written in several different languages call “codes”. These codes are read by your browser (Internet Explorer, for example), which displays the website based on what the code describes. Without a browser, every website you looked at would simply appear to be a random set of letters and punctuation.Designers have to know how to speak these languages to build customized designs.

The largest websites in the world have more than a billion pages each.
Facebook and Amazon both have more than one billion individual pages.In Amazon’s case, each page must be created individually.It’s not a surprise that Amazon employs hundreds of people who just create these pages every day.At Ktmfreelancer, we follow these rules.No wonder why ours sales is increasing each month.